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We were restless, unfulfilled and ready for change…

After 10 years in corporate marketing, I had climbed the ladder and was doing well, but there was one problem…I felt trapped and I hated the stale office environment. I wanted more out of my life.

Once I got over the fear and the false sense of security of having a corporate 9-5 job, I became determined to change my reality. Over the next 6 months I started really listening to that little voice inside and the idea of starting my own business went from something I wanted to do, to something I had to do. This was the turning point for me and it was the best and most daunting decision I’ve ever made.

After that, my partner Bec and I started to see things differently. We noticed that our friends wanted out and that their side gigs and passion projects were actually their way of trying to change their reality. We quickly realised we weren’t alone – heaps of people felt this way,  just no one was talking about it.

Having spent a decade becoming a online marketing expert and running successful multi-million dollar campaigns, including multi-million dollar social media campaigns, I decided I wanted to use my skills and expertise to help everyday people get ahead, not just the big corporations who could afford it.

So after we started a marketing coaching business, Bec and I decided we wanted to help even more people like us find a way out and start their own business. That’s how The Playbook and our Online Playground concept was born. And honestly, we have never felt better. Doing our own thing and helping so many people is the best feeling in the world and it’s so rewarding. 

For us, everything fell into place as soon as we really started to believe that enjoying what we did for a living was a right not a privilege. And if we can help you do the same, then that’ll be awesome!

So, don’t wait for some day. Decide what you want and go after it. Because you deserve to enjoy what you do for a living! 



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